Issues to Take into account before Becoming a member of the US Military

If you are fascinated with becoming a member of the US army, there are so many things that it’s important to take into consideration before you severely pursue the idea. It’s important to acquire a very good insight in regards to the experience that you’re about to enterprise into.

But greater than that, you must take a look at yourself.

Jim Logan, a famous fluid bed dryer supplier, now in the army explain us his experience: You must be very certain that this is what you really need earlier than you commit to any step in direction of reaching this goal.

The very first thing that it’s important to know is that not all branches of the army have same and equal responsibility. All the personnel in this area may be getting the same fundamental pay plus allowances.

But there are still many components where they differ. These embrace the incentives that can be obtained upon enlistment, the base housing and high quality of their barracks, deployment charges and job and project opportunities, in addition to promotion rates. These factors differ in line with what branch you belong to.

It All Boils Down on You

However in making your decision, you merely can’t ask individuals what they assume is the best military branch. What others may deem as one of the best may not be the same in accordance with your standards and taste. You need to take a deep have a look at every branch and see where you’ll fit.

You need to be able to determine on your own. You can begin by reflecting in your strengths and weaknesses. It’s a must to set not solely your thoughts but in addition your heart in the venture earlier than you take any step in direction of it. Listed here are some things that you may wish to take into consideration that can assist you decide.

1. Are you physically prepared to join the navy? Do you assume that you would be able to deal with their duties and obligations? You can’t decide to it if you’ll solely be a problem within the group. And you’ll not move the well being requirements should you won’t be able to do the tasks which are concerned within the training and the job itself.

2. Are you mentally up for the whole lot that is involved upon getting determined to hitch? You should be ready that will probably be a tough street forward, even tougher than what you thought it can be. So it’s important to be ready for the worst. This manner, you will be more prepared for whatever you will have to face as soon as you are in.

3. Do you suppose you may be up for the challenges that can be posed even throughout the recruitment course of? And why are you doing this within the first place? Are you doing this to earn and to get a steady job? That should not be the case. Although it is understandable that it’s part of the reasons, the primary factor should still be since you love your nation and you might be willing to protect it no matter what.

4. Is that this actually what you need to become? If somebody is just forcing you to be part of the US navy, it’s not a good signal that it’s best to proceed with the venture. Even when you’ll develop into profitable with your utility, you’ll not be as productive like how you would be together with your dream profession. Pursue what you actually need even when it goes in opposition to what most people are telling you. It’s your life. It’s a must to make your personal decisions.

Color Imaginative and prescient Requirements for the US Military

In the event you think you might be considerably colour blind or you may only acknowledge some but not all colours, you’ll be able to still be qualified to hitch the US Military. But the field and designation could fluctuate because there are branches of the armed forces that require their personnel to have a normal shade vision. Here is more info:

Temporary Background

All the army forces within the United States fall underneath one class, and that’s the US armed forces. This helped create what the nation has develop into from the time that it was created. This played a significant position for the US to win the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812.

The country’s President performs because the commander in chief of the military. They are being helped by the pinnacle of the Division of Defense, the Secretary of Defense. This is the place the military coverage is being enacted and enforced. Since the Sep 11 attacks, the Division of Homeland Security was formed to guard the nation in opposition to inner threats.

There are over 3 million personnel in the military, hailed as one of the largest pool throughout the world. Half of them are reserve personnel. Most of the members of the military’s manpower come from volunteers. They’ve the most advanced tools and gadgets. They are being regarded up to for such fact. And the reason for that is the funds that they get from the government, which is about $711 billion each year.

Army Manpower

Do you wish to know the precise numbers of people within the navy who are on energetic obligation? The reply is 1,454,515. That was as of February 28, 2009. In addition to that, the seven reserve parts have 848,000 extra people. With such figures, it is little doubt that the navy in the US is now known as the second largest in the world. The top spot belongs to the People’s Liberation Military of China. The country has its troops deployed all around the globe.

It was proposed in 2007, at the top of the country’s battle towards Iraq and other components that come into consideration, to increase the dimensions of the military. It was particularly asked by Secretary of Protection Robert M. Gates to extend troops of the Marine Corps and Army to provide enough individuals for the triumph of War on Terrorism.

Color Vision Requirements

Having a normal imaginative and prescient shouldn’t be really a requirement in all branches of the military. But your color vision is going to be examined when you take the MEPS or the Army Entrance Processing Stations.

There are jobs within the military the place they ask for individuals with regular colour vision. That is for safety facet in addition to for these individuals to perform higher on operations. They’ve to tell apart the colors from the smoke flares, indicator lights and different things.

But how do they know who has a normal shade vision? That is performed by 3 sorts of tests. You cannot select what you want to take. It will actually depend on what’s being used on the MEPS that you are taking. The tests embody Farnsworth Lantern (FALANT), OPTEC 900 Color Vision Tester and Pseudoisochomatic Plate (PIP).

If you want to pursue the Marine Corps or the Military, you will go even in case you can solely discriminate between colors crimson and green. So if you assume that you simply fall underneath this category, you already have an idea as to the place you may be assigned while you join the US military.

Assesses and selects soldiers for attendance at the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC)

This program allows SF an opportunity to assess each soldier’s capabilities by testing his physicalemotional, and mental stamina.

The SFAS also allows each soldier the opportunity to make a meaningful and educated decision about SF and his career plan.


Soldiers attend SFAS on a temporary duty status

  • You should plan to be at Fort Bragg, North Carolina for up to 30 days.
  • You will be trained in all military subjects used in the assessment.
  • The course is individual cross country land navigation based covering distances from 18 kilometers up to on or about 50 kilometers.
  • The distances and weight carried increase during the course, but being prepared mentally and physically for the events cannot be over emphasized.


Levels of Employment for Special Operations Forces:

  • Advising and Assisting Host Governments
  • Continental United States-based training
  • Direct participation in Combat Operations.


The purpose of SFAS

Special Forces Career Management Field (CMF) 18 includes positions concerned with the employment of highly specialized elements to accomplish specially directed missions in times of peace and war. Many of these missions are conducted at times when employment of conventional military forces is not feasible or not considered in the best interest of the United States.

Training for and participation in these missions are arduous, somewhat hazardous, and are often sensitive in nature.

For these reasons, every prospective Special Forces Soldier must successfully complete the 3-week SFAS Course.


Be prepared for anything at SFAS

This is the place where “Your Mind is Your Best Weapon”

Perfect physical condition alone will not get you through SFAS

The SFAS Course assesses and selects soldiers for attendance at the SFQC


Stress in SFAS

The purpose of SFAS is to Identify Soldiers who have potential for Special Forces Training.

  • The Program Assesses
  • Tactical Skills
  • Leadership
  • Physical Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Ability to Cope with Stress


Activities Include:

  • Psychology Tests
  • Physical Fitness
  • Swim Test
  • Runs
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Rucksack Marches
  • Small Unit Tactics
  • Military Orienteering/Land Navigation Exercises.


When you report to Fort Bragg, North Carolina

You should be at 100 percent physical ability with zero percent stress level.

Any of the following might cause you stress while attending SFAS:

  • Wife not in agreement with you.
  • Financial problems at home.
  • Medical problems with yourself or family.
  • Not sure SF is what you want.
  • Low self-esteem or lack of motivation.
  • Not in top physical shape for SFAS.
  • Just to escape your present unit or duty assignment.