Dick Meadows Posthumous Award

1430 hours on Friday, 13 October 2000

The US Special Operations Command 



Outstanding Civilian Service Medal*


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And The

Special Operations Medal**

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was awarded posthumously at 
1430 hours on Friday, 13 October 2000, 


Major Richard J. "Dick" Meadows 
The award recognizes the many accomplishments of Dick Meadows as a civilian supporting Special Operations, since his retirement from US Army Special Forces, and was presented at the site of the 

Special Operations Memorial

MacDill AFB, Florida, 

to Mrs. Pamela Meadows 

by General Peter J. Schoomaker 
Commander in Chief, USSOCOM. 

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Major Mark Meadows, Ross Perot and Past and present members of the Special Operations community were in  attendance.



  *The Outstanding Civilian Service Award consists of a bronze medal and citation certificate. The Secretary of the Army or a major commander may award this medal for outstanding service that makes a substantial contribution or is of significance to the major Army command concerned. Eligible recipients include any individual (except Army civilian employees who are eligible for Army honorary awards, military personnel, or Army contractors), Federal Government officials at the policy development level, and technical personnel who serve the Army in an advisory capacity or as consultants. Commanders of Major Army commands may redelegate approval authority for this award to any commander in the rank of Major General or above.