Team Sergeants Meeting

Every Thursday 1600-1900

Jimmy Mac's behind the Imperial Yacht Basin on Gandy Blvd

Mike Palaez is Host and Official Team Sergeant

1st Team Sergeants Meeting, Jimmy Mac's at Imperial Yacht Basin

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Mike gets his Welcome to Chap LX  and his original Book  "The Green Berets"  autographed by The Author "Robin Moore"

 The Night's Feature: Mike and Robin Performed

  "The Ballad of The Green Berets"

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3rd Meeting -- 9 November 00

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Wayne Rich, Paul Lawrence, Jim Peters, Woody Woodard, Mike Palaez, Debbie Parker, Jim Parker, Phil King and Ken Houy  left before Photo.

A great time and a lot of camaraderie was enjoyed by all, many Autographs were signed also.